Microfinance Core Banking Solutions

  • Fern Software

    Fern Software designs and develops software solutions that power delivery of financial services to some of the most underserved markets in the world. Fern operates in 30 countries with more than 300 installations worldwide, providing lending and savings solutions in developed and developing regions. We have been doing this since our formation in Ireland in 1979.

    At Fern Software, we are creating technology and solutions to enable core, mobile, and cloud financial services that power financial inclusion. Our solution is multi-currency, multi-lingual, available in a number of languages, and supports fully both international accounting standards and local regulatory reporting.

    We believe clever but uncomplicated technology has the potential to be a key disruptive force in the future of society: poverty alleviation, access to banking services, access to credit, enterprise promotion. It’s about making the world work better.

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