Regulatory Compliance Bureau (RCB)

The RCB is Blitz's Cloud Computing for financial institutions, where we provide cutting-edge solutions via Internet with guaranteed ease of usage and implementation to our customers. Blitz partners with top-tier telecom and infrastructure vendors to ensure the best security and network accessibility.

For financial institutions that are planning to outsource their regulatory compliance activities, Blitz Is pleased to provide two live applications on our hosted Regulatory Compliance Bureau (RCB):

Sanctions Screening Utility - Cloud-based sanctions screening application that screens and filters transactions against official blacklists, with full tracking and auditing functionalities.

Know Your Customer Utility - Cloud-based name checking application that that screens customer information against official blacklists and PEP lists.

Regulatory Compliance Bureau
  • Based on cloud technology architecture with fast access speeds
  • Application, network, physical and other data security features implemented together with top-tier telecom and data centre operators
  • Built-in adapters if necessary for offline interface to SWIFT, core banking, trade finance systems, payments systems, middleware, etc.
Sanction Screening Utility
  • Simultaneous scanning against multiple blacklists, internal lists, and good guys list
  • Detects and stops transactions
  • Provides real time alerts and case management.
  • Provides API's for integration with core banking system and multiple payments systems
  • Supports local languages
KYC - Know Your Customer Utility
  • Allows creation of bespoke Questionnaires to gather customer information (Layout and Content)
  • Provides for specification of business rules and risk classification
  • Access via web service allows for integration in existing customer acceptance process
  • Check against sanction lists
  • Check against PEP data bases