Professional Services

Today's Challenges ...

The current business environment is subject to greater demands  than ever before. Customers expect services which are faster, better and cheaper. There is greater competition with at the same time increasing regulation.

Organizations that want to stay ahead have a greater need to work in cooperation with trusted partners whose expertise can be leveraged and who understand their business. 

Our Professional  portfolio has an answer to a wide range of business challenges.

Maintenance services for your SWIFT environment

Business continuity is a critical measure for your SWIFT environment. You want to be sure that your system uptimes are in line with the high level of services you provide to your customer. Blitz IT Consultants can assist you in ensuring that your SWIFT environment is implemented and in line with best in class operational practices. Ensure that regular operational and maintenance activities are performed and monitor the resiliency of your infrastructure..

Managed operational services for your SWIFT environment

If you want the flexibility and control of an on-premises SWIFT interface without the need to manage it on a day-to-day basis, Blitz IT Consultants can help. Our consultants analyze your existing Alliance Access systems and implement a tailored solution in line with your business and infrastructure requirements. Our customer support experts can manage your SWIFT interfaces remotely ensuring  operational excellence at your premises.

Integration solutions

SWIFT Connectivity

Integrating SWIFT connectivity within your existing environment requires in-depth technical knowledge covering a range of domains. By outsourcing all or part of your SWIFT integration projects you can free up those resources to perform value-added tasks to help grow your business.

Compliance Solutions

With the greater demands for regulatory compliance Blitz can assist you in integrating the typical AML components with your core banking and CRM systems. We can help integrate your chosen KYC and AML solutions with your core banking systems and seamlessly introduce sanctions screening into your payments flows.