BlitzBroker Enquiry Tool

The BlitzBroker is a web browser based application designed for organisations that intend to manually enter outgoing earmarking requests and process incoming responses.

BlitzBroker converts all earmarking requests into the SWIFT MT598 message format and automatically creates outgoing message files. These files are then either manually or automatically uploaded to the SWIFT interfacing application (e.g. SWIFTAlliance Lite/Entry/Access or Service Bureau). Incoming responses are automatically converted from the SWIFT MT598 standard into an easy to read screen format.

Key features of the Blitz Broker

Earmarking Request Entry

BlitzBroker allows 3 different types of earmarking requests to be entered; Cash, Securities – equities and bonds. Each transaction requires a separate MT598 to be sent however BlitzBroker allows for multiple entries via a single screen and generates multiple MT598's upon completion.

Investors can be identified either by the VSDC code, a specific Bank Identifier Code or a free format name. The entry screen allows the broker to enter details related to the client, custodian bank and equities or cash being earmarked using simple drop-down menus and lists.

In addition, this screen allows the broker to request shareholder reporting information from the custodian.

BlitzBroker tracks and maintains the status of all requests allowing the user to list and check requests using a range of criteria.


BlitzBroker enables the user to create a number of reports in a range of standard formats such as PDF, CSV etc.

Screen Customisation

Many clients have their own terminology and may also wish to translate field descriptions into Vietnamese or another local language. BlitzBroker screen fields labels and lists are customisable and optional fields may be omitted from displayed screens. This enables users to keep the onscreen display as simple as possible.

In addition the starting reference numbers for the Earmark requests can be defined and reset by the Administrator.

Event Logging and Audit Trail

BlitzBroker logs and categorises events which can be selectively displayed printed or output in report format.


The customer administrator is responsible for the creation and management of individual user accounts. The administrator can easily create users, assign the functions that can be accessed and set permission levels.