Celebrating 22 years of excellence

Blitz IT Consultants (BLITZ) is a renowned payment service and compliance system integrator in Indochina. Established since 1998, we have gained astounding accomplishments of revolutionizing the role of information technology in business processes and have rapidly emerged as a formidable trade partner in the industry. For years we have stayed dedicated and thrived on empowering change as well as to connect people - specializing in offering bespoke software solutions and services.

Celebrating 22 years of excellence marks a significant milestone. With the continued success of our IT solutions and a deep understanding of local cultures, we are now an established foreign firm recognized in distributing banking software solutions in Vietnam. Being a reliable and trusted leading company in the IT industry has led to various business opportunities and many global banking technology providers have chosen Blitz IT Consultants as their preferred partner. These companies chose us not just as a sales partner but also for engagement in implementation and maintenance support. We serve as a gateway into Vietnam banking for vendors and connecting them to Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with all financial institutions in fast-growing Vietnam and Myanmar, where we predominantly operate and have operating licenses.

The strategy we credit to our growth and success is the can-do spirit and perseverance tested against past and current global economic malaise. We have never lost sight of our goals, and our consultants always go the extra mile beyond just services. Despite the potential downturn resulted in the global and Eurozone uncertainties, Blitz IT Consultants believed in defying odds and took the opportunity to step up investments in R&D, skilled human capital and specialized training. Our foray is to develop bespoke software products that would form the basis for our continued growth in the years to come. We see synergies between our customers' business dynamics and our software capabilities. With our past experiences, coupled with our industry-leading research, we have expanded to assist organizations in improving their operational excellence in becoming more efficient and secure. Being the market leader in Indochina, we help organizations implement payments and compliance best practices.

"The key to our success these 22 years in the industry - Differentiation. On our 18th anniversary, I made a bold statement and challenged our team, any good Big Fish leaves his/her mark, and we must prepare to swim the ocean.

This year marks 22 years since incorporation, and it has been four years since I made that challenge. I am pleased to announce that we are here today partnering with leading global software providers, onboarding more clients from not just in Indochina but also from countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong!

This accomplishment is only possible because of our team's continued focus on quality, reliability, client value and excellent customer service. We believe that our solutions, services and the value we bring to our customers' businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.

True to our Blitz's guiding philosophy, "We will swim further! We will swim faster! We will swim as a TEAM!". We will do our best to continue meeting the expectations of our customers and stakeholders, building stronger relationships of trust, growing our businesses and delivering business values to our clients and stakeholders.

Moving forward and building on our success, we look forward to a new era of growth as we focus on industry 4.0 and develop more projects both locally and regionally. We look forward to your continued support as we build upon our success.

In conclusion, let me emphasize that with Blitz IT Consultants, it's not the size of the pond or sea that matters, and it's whether you swim with an objective." - CEO, Blitz IT Consultants."

With a notable presence in Indochina, we at Blitz IT Consultants is proud to have successfully provided a broad range of solutions and services to more than 100 clients in 10 different countries across Asia. We have accomplished an impressive record and reputation for service support. Being a certified SWIFT partner in Vietnam, we leveraged on our past experiences and experts to achieve the status of market champion in the supply of Compliance software in Indochina. Blitz IT Consultants has established a strong position in the industry, and we will continue to deepen and increase our business presence to our extensive active 100+ clients in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and others. In 2019, our client-focused demeanour and advance solutions resulted in opportunities for our company to undertake implementation projects in Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong.

Blitz IT Consultants take pride in the many successful synergistic corporate partnerships that we have built and established. We foster a culture of engagement and trust between our clients, vendors and employees. Every project we take on will leverage the experiences of our extensive pool of experts and more! Our firm belief in continuous growth, learning and value for commitments make us deliver solutions that meet business needs and solve problems, not just technical advancements. We strive to go beyond only services and solutions to improve businesses and enable a successful diversification that resulted in the thriving companies based in Singapore, Vietnam and other countries in Indochina.