Celebrating 20 years of excellence

In a short period of 20 years, Blitz IT Consultants (BLITZ) has gained recognition and rise in ranks to be among the leading payment, compliance system integrator in Indochina. From modest beginnings in 1998, it has rapidly emerged as a formidable trade partner in the industry. Over the years, we stayed dedicated and aimed to empower change as well as to connect people - specializing in offering bespoke software solutions and services.

Celebrating 20 years of excellence marks a significant milestone. Our strategy adopted for 20 years of growth and success is the can-do spirit and perseverance tested against past and current global economic malaise. We have never lost sight of our goals, and our consultants go beyond just services. Despite the potential downturn resulted in the global and Eurozone uncertainties, Blitz IT Consultants believed in defying odds and took the opportunity to step up investments in R&D, skilled human capital and specialized training. Our foray is to develop bespoke software products that would form the basis for our continued growth in the years to come. With our past experiences coupled with our industry-leading research, we have expanded to assist organizations in becoming more efficient and secure by helping them implement treasury best practices.

“The key to our success these 20 years in the industry – Differentiation. On our 18 years anniversary, I made a bold statement and challenged our team, “any good Big Fish leaves his/her mark”, and we must prepare to swim the ocean. Today I would like to announce that with 20 years of accumulated experiences, new leadership and technology support, we are ready to venture into the sea. With our team of passionate and dedicated experts, we look towards the future and are prepared to reach out to bigger business opportunities and expanding our partner network. With Blitz IT Consultants, it’s not the size of the pond or sea that matters, and it’s whether you swim with an objective.” - CEO, Blitz IT Consultants.

Today Blitz IT Consultants is proud to have successfully provided a broad range of solutions and services to more than 200 clients in 10 different countries across Asia over the past 20 years. Blitz IT Consultants has established an impressive record and reputation for service support. Being a certified SWIFT partner in Vietnam, we leveraged on our past experiences and experts and achieved the status of market champion in the supply of Compliance software in Indochina. Blitz IT Consultants has established a strong position in the industry, and we will continue to deepen and increase our business presence to our extensive active 100+ clients in Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Brunei, and others.

With 20 years of experience in the industry, Blitz IT Consultants take pride in the many successful synergistic corporate partnerships that they have built and established. Every project will leverage our experiences, our extensive pool of experts and more! We go beyond just services and solutions working to improve the business and enable a successful diversification that resulted in the thriving companies based in Singapore, Vietnam and other countries in Indochina.